Solar Battery

Product Description

Solar Tubular Batteries @C10 (36 Month Warranty) offer low self discharge rate, better performance, long-lasting durability, higher current and power efficiency which makes them most suitable from users point of view.


  • OFCA 40 AH
  • OFCA 75 AH
  • OFCA 90 AH
  • OFCA 135 AH
  • OFCA 150 AH
  • OFCA 165 AH
  • OFCA 180 AH
  • OFCA 200 AH
  • OFCA 220 AH


  • Excellent charge acceptance
  • High Brushing Strength Tubular Gauntlets.
  • More Ribs on Container for Better Strenght.
  • Greater protection against leakage and protection.
  • Specially Designed Cross Ribbed P.E. Separator Sleeves.
  • Capable of withstanding deep discharge and over charge.
  • Designed For deep cycle capabilities and longer service life.
  • Specially Mixed Corrosion Resistant Alloy for Spines and Grids.