Solar PV Module

Product Description

  • Manufacturing both type of Solar PV Modules – Poly Crystalline & Mono Crystalline.
  • Manufacturing complete range of Solar PV Modules – 50WP to 320WP.
  • Made from high efficiency Crystalline Silicon solar cells.
  • Cells Efficiency range under Standard test conditions : 18.0% to 19.0% efficiency.
  • Module Efficiency range under Standard test conditions : 12.0% to 17.5% efficiency.
  • Cells encapsulated in a low iron content, high transmission, toughened glass using UV stable Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) sheets.
  • Premium quality back sheet protects the module from environmental conditions.
  • Laminate framed with strong and anodized aluminium profile with multiple holes for ease of installation.
  • Fitted with suitable junction box, cables & connectors OFCA Solar PV modules family is certified through MNRE.
  • OFCA Solar PV Modules are of world class quality by following European Manufacturing Process.
  • Solar PV Modules are having total 25 Years of Performance Warranty. After 10 Years min 90% and after 25 Year min 80.2% Performance Warranty.
  • 100 % replacement by company if performance goes down before 25 years as committed.
  • Strong Service Network of Company provides strength to Warranty Commitments.


The PV modules are used for Solar Water Pumping Systems, Off-grid rural applications, Grid connected systems, Roof-Top Systems, Telecom sites, solar street lighting , home lighting / mobile charging & remote village.

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